Blue Collar Financial Coaching

What is financial coaching?

Financial Coaching is a mixture of financial education, accountability, cheer-leading, awareness building and future goal setting. We discuss a new topic each session, exploring how each concept will support your life and how you feel about each concept that is taught. Let me explain. 

If we are talking about budgeting as an example, we will discuss how you feel about a budget.

  • Does it feel restrictive?
  • Do you think that you must track every penny you spend? (BTW you don’t)
  • Do you feel like someone is going to judge you for spending your own money? 
  • Have you tried budgeting in the past  – but it didn’t work – so you feel like a budget will never work for you?

These are just some of the fears that we talk about and work through.  

Another fear I see frequently is the fear of being judged.  I see asking for help as a strength not a weakness, it can be hard to be vulnerable enough to ask for help, and yet I believe it is one of the most courageous things to do! 

There are several ways to budget. During a coaching call we explore what you gain from each type of budgeting, what is the right concept for you, how does that type of management align with your personality and lifestyle. How will it help you achieve your goals?

Some people are very technically savvy, others prefer a more traditional style, and yet others might want a blend.  Whatever you decide is the decision is based on what is best for you.  

In short, coaching is not about me telling you what to do, but rather giving you the space, time and support you need to find the right fit for you. 

I support individuals and small business owners as they step into the path of financial security.  If you are ready to step through the fear, preconceived ideas around money, and live your life creating and achieving your goals, then schedule your Complimentary Consultation Call today.  

A Financial Coach supports you by...

  • Helping you define and meet your goals
  • Teaching Budgeting and Money Management techniques that can immediately reduce your stress and increase your confidence
  • Building awareness around spending habits, helping you avoid the financial pitfalls
  • Helping you plan for unpaid time off (vacation, holidays, sick time, or seasonal work) knowing you have a plan so you can relax
  • Teaching you how to get out of debt, and what action steps to take to stay out of debt, so you can enjoy the life you dream of
  • Providing education around personal finance strategies that trickle down support to the entire family
  • Helping you build an Emergency Fund because life happens and adding financial stress during an already stressful time is bad for your health and hard on everyone

How Does A Financial Coach Support You?

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