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The Best Christmas Gift: Creating Personal Coupons for Meaningful Holiday Presents

A few years ago I received the best Christmas gift ever! My kids made coupons for me that I could cash in when I wanted or needed something. Let’s say I was missing time with my boys – I had coupons available to use for things like:

  1. Coffee dates
  2. Going for a walk with me 
  3. Doing a puzzle with me (only when I really wanted to torture them) 
  4. Mowing the yard
  5. Doing the laundry for a week
  6. Making dinner
  7. Taking care of the dishes for the day/week

I had coupons that I could cash in when I wanted to do these things. Being gifted these coupons gave me one-on-one time with my boys that I sincerely enjoyed: the gift of time, attention, and love. This gift was such a thoughtful gift.

You can create your own personal coupons to give to loved ones, especially for those that have everything and are so hard to buy for. Give them a coupon to cash in for a free batch of homemade cookies, a home cooked meal, to mow the lawn, to spend an hour weeding the yard, or maybe even clean the gutters. Whatever it is, you can give them a gift that is helpful, which can be more important than a gift of an item that they may not really want or will use.

Anything that you can think of that person would enjoy, you can create a coupon for! The point is you can give thoughtful coupons that will last all year long and not become financially stressed because of the holidays.

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Terina Bainter

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