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Client Testimonials

Terina was so much fun to work with and I was very impressed with her caring attitude. Her ideas for using space efficiently and creatively were awesome.
Rachael J.
Former Client
My aunt passed away last week and I was in charge of handling her apartment today. I am so thankful for the skills I have learned from you. I put a system in place and was able to execute and delegate tasks in a timely and organized fashion. My cousin called me just now saying how thankful and amazed he was. I told him the credit goes to you. I used your methods! So, thank you again for all you do. You're amazing!
Anne M.
Former Client
I was so pleased with Terina. She is very knowledgeable, efficient, and thoughtful. I would highly recommend her services!
Judy D.
Former Client
My experience working with Terina has been remarkable. Each session I learn more about myself thanks to her amazing listening skills. Terina's commitment to provide a level of service that always offers me opportunities to grow and improve my own self care. She facilitates the peeling back of layers in the most compassionate yet firm way. She is very effective at getting the most out of every session without overwhelming me. We set attainable clutter busting goals each session and I am never dissapointed. Highly recommend Terina
Julia H.
Former Client
Terina with Clutter Cutters is terrific and very passionate about her work. Her caring personality shows through and she immediately puts you at ease. Her process is simple to use and she teaches you how to do it for yourself. I sorted through two closets in about 3 hours. Amazing!
Jennifer B.
Former Client
After going through the Paper Pruning course I have finally ditched the clutter. My files are more spacious, there is a place for every piece of paper I need to keep. I know what I can let go of with out fear of needing it later. Changing my inbox system has revolutionized my office. Everything important has a prominent place with everything easy to find what I need when I need it. There are no longer piles of things to do on my desk. They have their place and I have a clean slate every time I sit down at my desk. I now get to choose what I want to work on first without fear of missing anything. I actually enjoy going into my office now. Thank you Terina.
Tricia C.
Pruning the Paper Alumni

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