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Stockpiling Smiles: How Dollar Store Greeting Cards Bring Joy, Connection and Savings

I see the need for personal connection and support becoming more important than ever with the busier and more distracted we have become. One way I like to stay connected to others is with greeting cards. I absolutely love picking out a variety of greeting cards so that I have a stockpile at home. Having this stockpile really helps when sudden events come up such as birthdays, get wells, or weddings. I don’t have to scramble to find a card as I already have one on hand!

You may have noticed when you buy a greeting card at a grocery or retail store, they are somewhere between 4-8 dollars, which adds up fast! But with my many years of experience buying greeting cards, I have learned a few tips and tricks along the way to save money and have fun that I want to share with you today.

  1. I make the intentional decision to buy all of my cards at the dollar store. I go in and pick out enough cards to last my family and I 6-12 months. One of my favorite tricks when I go card shopping is to start in the 2 for 1 dollar section. This is my favorite way to buy cards. Then I work my way around to other sections of the store to see what other cards they have to offer. When I get home I file them in a box with different labeled sections and wala cards a plenty.  
  1. When my kids were little I would have them join me in picking out cards that they would like to give to a friend for when they were invited to a birthday party. Then I found it easiest and most cost effective to just give a gift card to a specific store. No more negotiating with my kiddo about what to get someone, no last minute scrambles to the store, and I could buy them when my budget allowed. I was then able to build a stockpile for those months when all the birthdays and parties popped up at once.
  1. Make sure you have a selection of cards for: Birthdays, Sympathy, Thinking of you, Get Well, Congratulations, etc. I would recommend going down each section and grabbing an assortment.  To make sure I have an assortment for both masculine of feminine feel, I drag my husband with me. The cards he picks out are hilarious and not something I might look for.  Having an assortment makes it easy and timely to quickly put a card in the mail. No running to the store at the last minute, which saves time, money and reduces stress. 
  1. My final tip is to pick up packets of decorative blank cards (6-8 in a package). At the dollar store you can find them for around a dollar.  These little cards make great little thank yous, thinking of yous, and appreciate yous for all sorts of reasons.  For these I try to stay as neutral as possible so that I can use them in all different settings and for all different people. 

Different cards are great but remember, it is the thought and added personal comments that the individual appreciates.  A card is a simple way to make a person feel special and valued, and that is the connection that we need more of nowadays.

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Terina Bainter

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