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Master Your Money: The Power of Separating Daily Spending from Other Expenses

Today I want to talk about the idea of separating out your daily spending money from your bills, and how this one change can bring awareness, clarity and ease to your budget.  What makes this so powerful is that you will ultimately gain clarity and control on what you are spending your money on. As a result, this will help with overspending and decrease the negative feelings you feel associated with your money.

People often avoid looking at their spending habits. Ever in your life, have you ever thought  “Once I get that raise/promotion then I will be able to pay off (blank)” or “Once I get that raise I can buy (blank)”. Then the raise/promotion comes and it feels as though you still don’t have enough money and that things haven’t changed. What people don’t often realize is that avoiding looking at their spending habits is a result of fear: the fear of the unknown. It can be this fear that can freeze a lot of people from taking action. Don’t let this fool you! Not having awareness is still taking action and you have decided to take no action by not doing anything about it.

When you stop and look at the numbers, you can see exactly where you are at. From here, you can evaluate your expenses and formulate a plan. This plan will help you gain clarity, control, and confidence. I know this can be scary, but doing this is a good thing because you will be in control of your money rather than your money being in control of you. 

Awareness always starts out as an uncomfortable feeling. You may wonder  “how did I not see this before” or “why did I wait so long, if only I would have…”.  But once you see what is going on, you can’t unsee it. You feel drawn to take action but may be stuck on what action to take, so you freeze and do nothing, which makes you feel worse. . 

Start by tracking and analyzing your spending habits. This action alone will make you become more powerful, in control, and in alignment with what you truly want. You get to be in the driver seat with your money instead of money being your personal uber driver, dictating everywhere you go. 

Analyzing your numbers now will set your future self up for success. Nothing will change unless you do. In fact, I would bet that things will continue to get worse until you are forced to stop and you look at your financial situation. Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back, start taking control of your financial life today. 

If you want guidance in creating a personalized plan, a cheerleader to encourage you, and a trusted individual to hold you accountable and offer support, then please schedule a complimentary consultation call with me today. You won’t know how good financial clarity feels until you start the process!

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Terina Bainter

With my knowledge and experience gained from managing money in both my personal and professional life for over 32 years, I have chosen to operate according to the Financial Coach Academy system.  Where I work alongside my clients to teach them the steps to create and maintain a budget, formulate a plan to pay off debt, and obtain financial confidence.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you improve your life and save you money by reducing the anxiety, time, and expenses that your finances are causing. Learning the skills to manage your finances and paperwork is the perfect place to begin your journey!

Together we will create and apply a personalized budget, uncover, and work through any underlying money thoughts and beliefs, create and implement a personalized plan that shows the changes (big and small) that you can make so that you get to where you want to be – Financial Security!