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Do Your Finances Feel Extra Overwhelming in January? You are not alone and Here’s What To Do.


Happy New Year! Can you believe that it is 2023? If you’re like me, it feels like the years are just flying by! Someone once told me that once your kids hit school age, life just zooms by, and I have found that statement to be very true! With one exception – January seems to drag on FOREVER!! I think a couple of different things make it seem this way:

1) It is a 31-day month 

2) There is less natural sunlight (at least here in the Pacific Northwest) 

3) We start to realize that we have done it again – overspent during the holiday season…so now we are tightening the proverbial belt to try and make it through to the next paycheck. 

One of the other things that you start seeing are the credit card statements coming in the mail. You may not realize how much you have spent during the holiday season until you see the totals on those pieces of paper. It is such a busy time of the year with all the shopping, running around, holiday parties, and eating out, that we frequently do not keep track of what we’re buying, when we’re buying it, or who we’re buying it for.

Whether it is buying a new outfit for a holiday party, filling up the gas tank more frequently because you are going from this place to that place, or eating out because you run out of time to make meals at home, it all adds up, and it all starts to rear its ugly face in January. You add this overspending to an already long month, and it can feel like the perfect storm – and make our finances feel very overwhelming. 

One of the things that we never really stop and think about is the emotional roller coaster ride that finances create. The struggle to get to the next paycheck, the sleepless nights worrying about having enough money to pay the bills. Maybe you are arguing with your spouse because you are telling them no they can’t go do ____________ because you don’t have the money for it, making you feel like the parent in the relationship. Or maybe you are telling them they CAN go do it, even though you DON’T have the money, because they are the ones that earn the money and you feel like they “should” be able to go because they ”deserve” it, which can lead to feelings of _____________.

All these things can take a toll on your emotional, mental, and physical health along with your relationships. 

If you are ready to step off the roller coaster ride and want to:

1) get your finances under control;

2) pay off credit card debt;

3) create an emergency fund, and/or;

4) save for a vacation 

Together we can get a complete picture of where your money is going, and create a personalized budget that pinpoints the changes you can make to reach your financial goals, while working through any underlying money thoughts or beliefs.

Not quite ready to commit to financial coaching just yet?

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Terina Bainter

With my knowledge and experience gained from managing money in both my personal and professional life for over 32 years, I have chosen to operate according to the Financial Coach Academy system.  Where I work alongside my clients to teach them the steps to create and maintain a budget, formulate a plan to pay off debt, and obtain financial confidence.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you improve your life and save you money by reducing the anxiety, time, and expenses that your finances are causing. Learning the skills to manage your finances and paperwork is the perfect place to begin your journey!

Together we will create and apply a personalized budget, uncover, and work through any underlying money thoughts and beliefs, create and implement a personalized plan that shows the changes (big and small) that you can make so that you get to where you want to be – Financial Security!