Blue Collar Financial Coaching

If you need a framework and step by step process, then the Blue Collar Budget is perfect for you!

The Blue Collar Budget was specifically designed for individuals who do not get paid vacation, holiday, or sick pay from their employers. It can create a financial cushion no matter how you are paid. It was created out of necessity more than 20 years ago for those exact reasons and has been a tried-and-true system since then. 

Are you ready to stop feeling like you:

  • Make good money but don’t know where all of your money is going?
  • Look around and wonder when you are going to be able to save for your dreams?
  • Feel like you are always playing catch up?

Then today's the day to start feeling different!

Is one of your dreams to go on a vacation!?

To be able to relax, enjoy, make memories, or see something new...

When your employer does not pay for things like vacation time, holiday pay, sick time, or adverse weather closures it can make taking time off a real challenge. Such as:

  • You take the time off, but then struggle playing catch up when you get back?
  • You get to where you are going and then start stressing over how expensive everything is?
  • You end up placing most of the vacation expenses on a credit card that takes months to pay off?

There is a better way!

DIY - Blue Collar Budget

What is the difference between Budgeting and Coaching?

The easiest way to explain the difference is to give an example. Imagine you walk into a gym. Within a gym, you will find all sorts of things such as equipment, personal trainers, and locker rooms.  A budget can be equated to the gym equipment. They are both tools for you to utilize and will work if you use them correctly. 

A coach is like a personal trainer. A personal trainer keeps you motivated because they hold you accountable to what you say you want. They have your ultimate goals in mind and remind you of those when you get discouraged. They celebrate your successes and provide valuable feedback when needed.

Some people do great all on their own. They can motivate themselves to get to the gym consistently and once there know what to do or easily follow instructions. Others (like myself) do best with a coach starting the adventure with them to help ensure they are doing the right things. In short they accomplish so much more with a coach.

Take control of your budget with
a proven system that works.

The Blue Collar Budget includes weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or commission paycheck options.

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