Blue Collar Financial Coaching

About Terina Bainter

I didn’t know it at the time but, my passion for Financial Coaching started when I worked in the banking industry for the first 10 years of my professional life. I started as a part-time teller at the age of 17 and worked my way up to an Internal Loan Officer, where I averaged 1.4 million dollars in home loan closings each month. It was so rewarding being able to help my clients save money, reduce the financial burden and physical stress that their tight monthly budget created.

When a few of my clients came back to refinance again or look at a second mortgage, I started looking for a program to help them bring awareness to how their budgeting (or lack thereof) and spending was contributing to their financial situation. Thus creating the physical stress they were experiencing and coming to me to get rid of. I wanted to help prevent them from getting back to that situation in the future. But before I could find a solution, motherhood called my name.

I transitioned out of banking and into full time motherhood for 12 years before becoming a Professional Organizer and Financial Coach. Going from a dual-income family to a single-income family with a new baby can really throw your finances whacky, especially when you or your spouse/partner does NOT get paid vacation, holiday, and, at the time, sick pay.

Creating a budget that supported our complex income, learning to become creative, and becoming aware of my spending habits, we can all fall into, helped me navigate this new role and lifestyle.

I bring my knowledge and experience gained from managing money in both my personal and professional life for over 32 years. I work alongside my clients to teach them the steps to create and maintain a budget, formulate a plan to create the life they dream of (cause let’s face it dreams cost money), and obtain financial confidence.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you improve your life, save you money, remove the frustration of wasted time, decrease your anxiety and learn how to manage your finances rather than your finances managing you. Beginning your journey now is the first step towards the future you desire!

Together we will:

  • Create and apply a personalized budget 
  • Uncover and work through any underlying money thoughts and beliefs 
  • Design and implement a personalized plan that shows changes (big and small) you can easily make
  • Help you gain Financial Security!