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Are You Ready To Take Control And Gain Financial Freedom?

Think back to when you first learned to drive. You had guidance and were deliberate in your actions, but now it’s second nature. Now, consider your financial education. Was it minimal? You’re not alone. Many people lack formal financial training and struggle with money, feeling overwhelmed and unsupported.

Money impacts every aspect of our lives. My goal is to empower others to take control of their finances and achieve their dreams. If you’re ready for change, schedule a Free Consultation Call today.

This step can completely transform your life!

Holding a wallet

Money is such a confusing and taboo topic for so many people. Many individuals struggle because of the way money makes them feel: inferior, insecure, and frustrated. Frequently, the inner critic rears its ugly head when dealing with money, and we create the narrative that …

  1. We are bad with money
  2. We compare ourselves to others who seemed like they had the whole money thing figured out
  3. What education we may have gotten, was a “one size fits all” approach (create a budget and follow it ~ so not helpful advice
  4. We think managing money is only about dealing with bank accounts

In short, when we compare ourselves to others and then criticize ourselves that we can’t do the same, we are affecting our confidence.  We do this without understanding the big picture of what is the same and what is different about each persons situation. Not taking into account values and needs, or the fact that what might be a goal for one person, is not the same goal for the other.

Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back any longer. You deserve to have options, choices, opportunities, and most importantly confidence when you are dealing with your money.

Financial Coaching Specifically
for Hard Working Families

Frequently people believe that their money challenges are an income problem. Sometimes that is the case; however, it is also important to review the expenses to see what things no longer benefit your life that can be reduced.  Doing this assessment and review can instantly help with the financial squeeze that you might be feeling. 

When you make this decision to change your financial life, you are choosing to stop comparing, to focus on what is best for you, and reduce the negative self talk, and replace those feelings with gratitude, confidence, and peace of mind. Having financial clarity is an amazing feeling, and one that is hard to describe, but when you have it you can feel it all the way to your bones.   

Of course we will be looking at your income and expenses and that is an important first step, and yet that is not all, there is so much more to money management that that. When we work together, you will get a complete picture of where your money is going, a personalized plan that helps you achieve it and a positive, supportive, encouraging, accountability coach to help you make it all happen.  Finally, you will have a clear understanding of what you will gain with all these changes and a deeper understanding of why it matters to you. 

Together, we will create and implement:

 A new path to financial confidence, stability, and security awaits you!

About Terina Bainter


Hi, I’m Terina Bainter! I work alongside my clients guiding, teaching, supporting, and encouraging them to obtain their financial goals.  I help build their financial confidence by teaching the steps to create and maintain a personalized money plan, by implementing the plan, you start to build a life and future they want, whether it is developing a plan to stop getting caught off guard by those random expenses (that show up at the worst time), to building a cushion, to save for a house, or finally experience that dream vacation.  Whatever is most important to you is what we focus on. 

Ultimately, my goal is to help improve lives by reducing the anxiety and stress that jumbled finances cause so that you and your family can live the life you dream of!

Does This Sound Like You?

If so, you are not ALONE! I love teaching people just like you how to deal with these feelings, obstacles, challenges and how to overcome them.

I am proud to say that I developed a process to help you accomplish your goals and have used this system personally for 20+ years! 

It has been a game changer and a marriage saver.

Enjoy Financial Confidence with Our 3-Part System:

Assess Your Finances

Knowing where you are at currently is an important step towards achieving your financial goals.

Create a Plan

Planning is the first step towards financial stability and I am here to help you get started.

Achieve Your Goals!

Achieving your money goals brings stability, peace of mind, and confidence
in yourself.